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Ultimate Brainstorming (™)
Brainstorming for Results
 - Are you having trouble organizing yourself?
 - Do you feel overwhelmed creating a clear path to reach your goals?
 - Are you looking for support in creating concise strategies?

Our Service;
Our Brainstorming for Results program provides managers and executives (worldwide) with the tools and techniques to get themselves organized; by creating a goal oriented roadmap to success, as well as concise short term strategies to reach their goals. 

During your sessions, we will;

Step 1: Set Boundaries/Contract
Step 2: Assess your Situation, Diagnose, and Design
Step 3: Agree on Approach
Step 4: Coach, Track, Adjust, Succeed
Step 5: Celebrate and Acknowledge Results
Step 6: Choose the Next Situation/Goal

(Brainstorming for Results, as all other programs, requires your commitment to get results)

“I have recently become disillusioned by the number of people, including supposed experts, who really do not understand creativity in general and brainstorming in particular. Sessions get called ‘brainstorming’ but are anything but. At last, Arthur Kaptein has set the record straight in this detailed and highly practical book, stuffed full of wisdom and tools to make brainstorming work. If you follow the methods described here, it could make you millions. Really.”
David Straker, author of and “How to Invent (Almost) Anything”

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