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Career Development
 - Are you thinking about making a career change?
 - Are you looking for ways to improve your network?
 - Are you looking for greater professional fulfillment in your career?

Our Service;
Our Ultimate Career Coaching Program provides simple, powerful, and practical strategies, and tools to help managers and executives to cover the four most important phases in the career development process. Depending on where you are, you can decide what phase you would like to work on with your career consultant.

(Click here for a complete overview of the Career Development Phases)

During your sessions we will;

Phase I: Prepare. 
Part one of the program is about helping you to prepare now – while you are still employed – to succeed in your current role and prepare for the next one. In this economy, one never knows when one’s current job will disappear. You need to start planning now! Planning includes: understanding the attitudes required for success, building and leveraging relationships, understanding who you are as a product and a brand, finding the right fit among dreams, talents, and the marketplace, making continuous learning a habit, getting clear on leadership and interpersonal skills required for success, creating and executing a development plan, and researching the options available.

Phase II: Get the job. 
The second part of the program focuses on the nuts and bolts of searching for that next opportunity. You need to know how to interview, craft a compelling resume, and follow up in ways that get you hired. Unfortunately, you may not played this game in a while, and may be rusty.  

Phase III:  Succeed in the new role. 
Once you get into a new role, you have to know what it takes to be successful right out of the starting gate. The first ninety days of any new job are critical, and we can help you to navigate the political landscape of your organization, integrate into your new “team,” and have the highest possible career trajectory and chances for success. Also, we can shift you from career coaching to formal executive coaching .

(Contact us, and let us know what career coaching solutions you are looking for, together we will be able to create a customized solution for your personal situation.)

"I was able to improve my summary profile with Arthur's help. It was a very important practice that gave me experience in how I have to talk about myself as a professional. It is helping me because I am looking for a promotion and now I have the correct information that shows my bosses my skills and why my skills fit into the new position."
-Wendy Lemus Aguirre, PwC | Senior Manager

Career Development