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Ultimate Brainstorming (™)
Career Development Overview
Module I: Planning
-The four attitudes required for success
-Leverage Relationships
-What are your dreams?
-Assess who you are as the “Product”
-What does the market have to say?
-Understand the interpersonal and leadership skills that predict success
-Create and execute a development plan

Module 2: Seize The Opportunity
-Three keys to success in a tough job market
-Leverage your name and network
-Develop a strong resume, cover letter, and references
-Hone your interview skills
-Follow Up
-Negotiate the Terms

Module 3: Succeed In The New Role
-Anticipate problems
-Focus on results and relationships
-Get up and running in your first month
-Keep developing

Companies want to know what the benefits and results are that you can bring to them, not someone’s life story. Coaching sessions with Arthur have helped me prepare better for my job interviews. His very concise method to describe my accomplishments has helped me to talk about my achievement more confidently, improving my opportunities. 
-Dante Arizmendi, HR Director, Mexico

Career Development