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Elegant Leadership Overview
Leadership Development
Module 1: Get grounded. 
This module provides a one-page dashboard that clearly defines your mission, vision, goals, key initiatives, key relationships, and opportunities for continued development. With this dashboard in hand, you can focus on what really matters in chaotic times.
Module 2: Wipe your feet at the door. 
You will be challenged to eliminate disagreeable, unproductive, career-limiting behaviors by completing The Survey No One Wants to Take. 
Module 3: Take care of your needs. 
Leaders have enough on their minds at work without having to focus on personal problems. This short module asks you to indulge your personal needs in order to find clarity, peace, and strength.
Module 4: Cultivate the right attitude. 
Great leaders have great attitudes, mindsets, beliefs, and ways of being that lay the foundation for elegant leadership.
Module 5: Develop an elegant strategy. 
While leaders build compelling visions of the future, they also develop powerful and practical strategies for getting there. This module suggests that the crux of strategy is determining what your organization should do best, in terms that matter to your customers and make your organization unique in the marketplace.
Module 6: Communicate simply and powerfully. 
This module reminds leaders about listening and speaking authentically, about creating concise and compelling messages, and about expanding effective communication throughout your organization.
Module 7: Strengthen your power base. 
Leaders depend on the quality of their professional relationships. This module offers a simple process for identifying and strengthening your most important professional relationships.
Module 8: Engage and mobilize employees. 
Many of us could pay more attention to how we mobilize, lead, coach, and develop our employees. This module provides practical tools and strategies for understanding our employees and providing them with the support they need to succeed.
Module 9: Elegant leadership from below. 
Most leaders report to somebody, whether another executive, the CEO, a board member, an investor, or customers. Since the manager is one of the most important people in the leader’s power base, this module focuses exclusively on strengthening that relationship.
​Module 10: Think comprehensively. 
Many leadership pundits underestimate the importance of critical and comprehensive thinking. They assume that with enough vision and passion, leaders will get results. This module takes a contrary view, and argues that leaders absolutely must be able to
think clearly, practically, and comprehensively.
Module 11: Successfully influence others. 
Leaders succeed by influencing others to think, speak, and act differently. They do this in a way that simultaneously gets results and maintains relationships, without manipulating. This module provides tools, templates, and strategies to influence others elegantly.
Module 12: Move things forward. 
Ultimately, leaders get results by moving things forward. This happens much more easily when leaders implement the strategies and tools elsewhere in these modules. This module builds on preceding ones by providing specific tools for moving things toward a successful conclusion.
Module 13: Foster collaboration. 
In authentic collaboration, all parties benefit. As this module shows, elegant leaders work hard to foster collaboration, both inside and outside their organizations.
Module 14: Build for the future. 
Most executives have enough of a challenge achieving short-term results. This module helps you build an organization (or a piece of one) that will last longer than you do.
Module 15: Give something back. Elegant leaders contribute beyond their organizations. They get involved with, and solve, issues of personal interest. They also find ways to promote their organization and develop emerging leaders by encouraging civic involvement.
"Arthur is an experienced business coach who helps you to see the business environment totally different. His Coaching sessions help you to improve your management skills, your management style and give you a lot of different tools to take advantage in the hard and competitive world today. Furthermore he helps you to transform your thinking, as well as to transform into a better person.”
-Jose Vielma, Product Development Manager, Mabe Mexico