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Inspiring Minds through Brainstorming
Ultimate Brainstorming Media Page; The Book
Ultimate Brainstorming provides you with the insight and tools to make your Brainstorming sessions stand out!!!.In Ultimate Brainstorming we take a look at the basics of Brainstorming with an introduction to Brainstorming by Chris Griffiths, (CEO of Open Genius, and bestselling author).

We look at the main problems surrounding many Brainstorming Sessions, solutions to those problems, as well as the results that these solutions create.

And we share with you the views on Brainstorming of: Andy Cohen (Founder of Andy Cohen Worldwide), Bob Cother (Cother Consulting, and Lean Action Learning), Chris Griffiths (CEO of Open Genius, and bestselling author), David Allen (Author of 'Getting Things Done'), Marshall Goldsmith (one of the top ten Most-Influential Business Thinkers in the World), David Striker (Author of How to Invent (Almost) Anything), Shawn T. Coyne (Author of Brainsteering), and Sunny Brown (Author of Gamestorming).

Ultimate Brainstorming is filled with 65 clear, concise, and easy to use techniques, for facilitators, managers, and team leaders to get the best out of their Brainstorming Sessions.
"Arthur Kaptein delivers on his promise by bringing you the ultimate resource for brainstormers and facilitators. From engaging top experts to giving you new techniques to lead the most productive and creative brainstorming sessions anywhere, you will refer to his book again and again for tips and guidance. It is a must-have reference that will ensure that you get practical results and that participants are engaged and see great value from the brainstorming sessions that you run."

Andrew Neitlich, Founder and Director, Center for Executive Coaching 
and author, Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches

“I have recently become disillusioned by the number of people, including supposed experts, who really do not understand creativity in general and brainstorming in particular. Sessions get called ‘brainstorming’ but are anything but. At last, Arthur Kaptein has set the record straight in this detailed and highly practical book, stuffed full of wisdom and tools to make brainstorming work. If you follow the methods described here, it could make you millions. Really.”

David Straker, author of creatingminds.org 
and (with Graham Rawlinson), “How to Invent (Almost) Anything”

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